November 26, 2000
"These workshops have been postponed due to the current difficulties in Israel. We will be inviting people to use this time, across the world, for focusing on peace in the Middle East. We invite everyone to send healing prayers to the Middle East.
--Carol Proudfoot-Edgar

I look forward with great anticipation to these workshops and to joining in Circle with others in Israel next Spring. Last year while doing pilgrimage through the same places where we will be gathering, I experienced the powerful integration of land, spirits, and peoples. Here in Israel are the deep mystic rivers that have fed the souls of humans for thousands and thousands of years. My quest was to understand the shamanic roots feeding these rivers and build bridges across cultures.

Everywhere we traveled, we engaged in shamanic activities—with the Ancestral spirits, with people from different cultures, and with land itself. I could sense how powerfully has this land shaped all who have wandered through her.

My focus is to find how together we can tap into these Rivers of the Spirit, and learn from the special powers of this Land itself. Shamanism is the most ancient form of spiritual practice and is based on respect and love of land, of all beings. It is a system for seeking and finding guidance on how to live in harmony with soulful vitality and compassion.

The shamanic paradigm postulates healing as the "wandering soul returning home." Often healing involves placing one’s self in special circumstances within the natural world—in order to rediscover how this is our Home, and to call our soul back from all its wanderings.

Both workshops involve using shamanic states of consciousness for accessing hidden wisdom and learning shamanic methods appropriate to the focus of that workshop. We will create Circles that support our explorations. Shamanic singing, dancing, crafting, and journeying are woven throughout our time together. If possible, participants are encouraged to attend both workshops. This will allow a deeper understanding of the inseparable relationship between us and place, between shamanism and the natural world.

We will be lodging and working in places of profound beauty. Our first workshop and lodging will be at the kibbutz Ein Gedi, located on the edge of the Judean Desert, overlooking the mineral rich Dead Sea and Moab Mountains. In our second workshop we will be at the kibbutz Kadarim, nestled in the hills overlooking the Sea of Galilee. Our activities include shamanic explorations in these awesome places of vision, healing, and revelation. The kibbutzes are interesting, attractive, and have good accommodations. We stayed in both of these places and I realized it was here that I wanted to do these workshops. We have included their websites for those who might wish to learn more about where we will be lodging and Circling together. All lodging arrangements, however, must be made through the coordinators for these workshops.

We invite you to join us in these experiential workshops. If you have any questions, please contact any one of us listed in this announcement.

Carol Proudfoot-Edgar

and the Spirits of the Desert

Kibbutz Ein Gedi, Dead Sea Area
March 15—17 Thursday 2:30pm to Saturday 4:30pm

From ancient times shamans have worked with the spirits of nature for healing, survival, and knowledge. By learning from the plants and animals, from the rocks and mountains, from the winds and waters, and from the sun, moon and stars, shamans helped their peoples live in harmony with the universe. The Desert, and particularly the Dead Sea area, has always been a place of spiritual learning, of vision, mystery, and revelation.

We shall learn and practice classical shamanic activities such as, different shamanic trance states for working with plants, stones, animals, planets; finding one's own place of vision in the desert; constructing prayer sticks for assistance in realizing one's goals; connecting with the Ancestors who wish to help us; dancing to embody the Powers we meet here; and learn how to create a Circle which is a Vessel for our engagement with Spirits and each other.

All shamanic cultures have special landscapes where people went apart to be renewed, and to experience the palpable sense of being at one with Earth and Sky. In these places dwell the Grandfather and Grandmother Stones, inviting the seekers to

"Place your hands on my storied surface,
touch my lips
Hear the sound of my voice humming
in your chest
And awaken the seed sounds
in the chests of your people
And they will remember Who We All are.."

Coming together in the Dead Sea,
to remember who we are.

Coordinator in Israel:
Ziva Garbi,
14 Lean ST, Ramat-Gan 52492, Israel
Tel: 03-6721473 Email:

Lodging: Kibbutz Ein Gedi

Web site address:

Shamanism and the Medicine Wheel Way

Galilee, Israel
March 21—24 Wednesday 2:30pm to Saturday 4:30pm

How is the nature of reality understood from a shamanic perspective? How does the soul find its way or know its nature from this perspective? And when lost, how does the person find his or her way Home?

Shamanic cultures around the world have developed cosmologies or maps of the universe, which include both the visible and invisible realities as aspects of a Unified Whole. Such cosmologies include descriptions and methods for returning to center when one is disoriented; or indicate where one might find guides when lost on the road. The Plains Indian Medicine Wheel is such a map and can be a springboard for understanding one’s growth and development in relationship with the grand web of Nature.

Throughout history, cultures have attempted to map the powers that seem to reside within or to be borne on the winds from the four cardinal directions East (Spring), South (Summer), West (Autumn), and North (Winter). The Medicine Wheel Way teaches that particular animals embody these Great Powers and that these Totem Animals are available to us as our spirit guides. These Animals also mirror our own possibilities. If we will learn from them, then we will know how to live in beauty, strength, and harmony with all beings and with Mother Earth.

This workshop draws on the Native American Medicine Wheel teachings and ceremonies as resources for personal and communal growth. Viable Medicine Wheels reflect the land and place wherein one lives. The powers of the Galilee will be different from the powers of South Dakota…the animal and plant life are different. Using shamanic methods, we will learn about and construct our own Medicine Wheels. We will each make a Medicine Wheel pouch that we can use beyond the workshop. We will use shamanic methods for finding our totem animals, spiritual teachers, and for gathering the medicine offered by the Galilee landscape. Shamanic crafting, singing, dancing and journeying are woven throughout our time together.

Coordinator in Israel: Ruth Horodi. 76 Hagefen ST. Asseret 7685, Israel
Tel: 08-8591756 Email:

Lodging: Kibbutz Kadarim
Web site address:

Shamanism and the Expressive Arts

Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv
March 27, 2001

This one day experiential workshop will explore the shaman as the original archetypal image-maker. Whether through drawing, song, dance, story or costume, shamanic cultures have gifted us with symbols that speak to our souls and which represent collective wisdom. The study and practice of shamanism involves learning methods for unleashing our creative fires and for enabling the Muse to speak through us on behalf of our community, our culture. We shall study such symbols and learn some methods for expressing the shamanic artist within each of us.

Coordinator In Israel: Lenore Steinhardt, POBox 16, Ramat Hasharon 47100, Israel
Tel: 03-5495660 Email:

About the Workshop Leader:

Carol Proudfoot-Edgar, CSC, has been teaching shamanism for twelve years throughout North American and in Europe. She has been a Psychologist and Director of a University counseling Center. Her work integrates her Native American Lakota background, cross cultural studies, and extensive experiences with other shamans around the world. Her essays and poems appear in books and journals focused on spiritual practice and global shamanic community. She is a faculty member for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Mill Valley, California.

For more information, visit Carol’s web site,

These retreats are being sponsored and coordinated by:

  • Ziva Garbi, M.A., Sex Therapist, Tel Aviv, Israel; International Affiliate, Tending Sacred Circles
  • Ruth Horodi, M.A., ATR, art therapist, Barzilai Hopsital, Ashkelon, Israel
  • Lenore Steinhardt, M.A., ATR, Kibbutzim Seminar of Education, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Tending Sacred Circles, a nonprofit organization committed to the development of global shamanic community.

Registration Information and Instructions
Workshops in Israel, March 2001

Enrollment in these workshops is limited. The fees include lodging, tuition, and meals but do not cover travel costs or special tours. Participants are responsible for arranging their own travel. Special tours must be arranged separately with the coordinators. For update information about these workshops visit www.shamanicvisions/workshops


If you wish to register, please respond with a deposit of $200 US dollars by December 15, 2000. This deposit is necessary for reserving a lodging

space at our retreat center.

If you are paying for more than one workshop, you can write one check to cover the total costs and send this check to Ziva Garbi.

Otherwise, please cut off the appropriate workshop registration form on page 6, send a check for the deposit or complete payment in US dollars, payable to ShamanicVisions, and mail to the appropriate coordinator.

Where to Send Registration

People applying from within Israel or countries other than the United States, please send your registration to the appropriate coordinator in Israel. People applying from within the United States, please send registration and check to Pirkko Miller at the address below.

Remaining payments are due by January 15, 2001.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel within 45 days prior to the workshop, the entire deposit, minus a $100 fee, will be refunded. No refunds are made if cancellation is received less than 45 days prior to the workshop.

If for any reason the Coordinators cancel workshops, full refunds will be made.


In addition to these workshops, if enough people are interested, it is possible to help and arrange tours to various sites of interest. Please indicate your interest when making your deposit. Arrangements for these will not be made until after registrations are received.

U.S applicants

If applying from within the United States, send checks and registration form to Pirkko Miller. Pirkko will do coordination of travel arrangements for those living within the United States.

Pirkko Miller,
PO Box 1465,
Warsaw, Indiana 46581, USA

Phone (219) 834-3460. Email:

Tending Sacred Circles
has contributed funds for these workshops. This organization seeks to support such collaboration among individuals around the world. Contributions continue to make this possible. If you can make a donation, please make check payable to TSC, and include with your workshop deposit. A receipt will be mailed to you.

Thank you.

Application Forms for the Israel Workshops

Shamanism and the Spirits of the Desert
Ein Gedi, Dead Sea Area
March 15 - 17, 2001 Thursday 2:30pm - Saturday, 4:30pm

Fee: $320 (must be paid in US dollar)

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________ Email: _____________________________________

I am enclosing: ____________ (The amount of money)

Please make checks payable to ShamanicVisions

Except for USA participants, send this check to :
Ziva Garbi, 14 Lean ST, Ramat-Gan 52492, Israel

Tel: 03-6721473 Email:

Shamanism and the Medicine Wheel Way
Kibbutz Kadarim, Galilee, Israel
March 21 - 24 2001 Wednesday 2:30pm to Saturday 4pm

Fee: $440.00 (must be paid in US dollars)

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________ Email: _____________________________________

I am enclosing: ____________ (The amount of money)

Please make checks payable to ShamanicVisions

Except for USA participants, send this check to :
Ruth Horodi. 76 Hagefen ST. Asseret.7685, Israel
Tel: 08-8591756 Email:

Shamanism and the Expressive Arts
Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv
March 27, 2001 Time:

Fee $60______(must be paid in US dollars)

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________ Email: _____________________________________

I am enclosing: ____________ (The amount of money)

Please make checks payable to ShamanicVisions

Except for USA participants, send this check to :
Lenore Steinhardt, POBox 16, Ramat Hasharon 47100

Please contact Lenore for additional information.
Tel: 03-5495660 Email: