Robert (Ekos) Rothafel
In Memoriam

Robert Charles Rothafel
died - June 15, 2006
Robert Charles (Ekos) Rothafel, born on March 31, 1944 in Los Angeles, CA passed away on June 15, 2006. He is survived by his many friends, daughters, Angelica Z. S. Rothafel and Rosezena R. Hodges and sisters, Robin Burrows and Roxanne Rothafel. Robert lived a rich, full life. He got to travel and see things many people only dream of. Robert (Ekos) was an active part of the hippie movement to Taos. He also drove the Questa and Taos ambulances for many years. His journey brought him back to Taos to be surrounded by all the people who loved him and to be in the place he loved most.

Memorial will be held on Sunday, July 02, 2006. Please call 751-1583 for information. Arrangements by Rivera-Hanlon Funeral Home.

He was my friend. A few weeks ago, I heard that he had died and I found the above obituary by googling him. The above picture I took in 1994.

The picture of the two of us was taken in 1998 in the Mojave desert at Jacumba during a shamanic retreat.

During those years, he lived in Santa Cruz and we played flutes together whenever we could. I am so glad we recorded a few sessons. He was an accomplished musician. Below is a sampling of his playing. He is always on the right.

You may want to wait a bit for the songs to load.

In this song I am playing the tibetan bowl, he is playing my G# flute made by Hawk Littlejohn.

Here he is playing the dumbek, a mid-eastern drum. For a time I try to accompany him on the low F# flute. His partner was a belly dancer and he played for her and also with mid-eastern music groups.

Robert announces that this song is for Stephan DeRuby and his partner Victoria. He is playing his F# flute and I accompany him on the low F#.

Here we are both playing G flutes and messing around. He could make the flute sing in ways I never could.

I miss you Robert.

Bob Edgar, 2007