The Totemic Body of the Shaman

The Powers Within: I am Related to All That Has Ever Been

A workshop with Carol Proudfoot Edgar and Susan Gilliland

This workshop is intended for individuals who have an interest in exploring the enstatic aspects of shamanism.

Participants will be introduced to the importance of the enstatic features of shamanism. This is done through:
*Teaching the relationship between enstatic and ecstatic shamanism and,
*Doing various experiential activities that allow participants to be more deeply connected with the powers within the body.
*Employing different ways to journey or enter trance states

Much of current shamanic practice focuses on building relationships with the powers without….whether in the ordinary or nonordinary realities. In this respect, the potential healing and evolutionary powers, with which we come to planet Earth, are not fully appreciated and less attention is given to nourishing these powers. This contributes to the potential development of a contemporary shamanic culture that shifts the ability’to heal to the specialized shaman and diminishes the potential for self-healing. Both types of healing have a place in human development. This workshop is intended to bring more balance to our shamanic paradigms of healing.
Such powers within include the individual animals that assisted in our birthing and animals that have left knowledge of themselves within our bodies. From this special knowing, we can move, feel, speak, and manifest with our unique selves on this planet.
Just as the great Totemic Poles of the Northwest, and other places, recognize certain Animal Beings as guardians of the community, clan, and family, so too do individual totem poles honor those Beings that are unique to an individual. During this weekend, we will be discovering and constructing our own individual totem selves. We may find that animals with whom we have sensed some mysterious familiarity are actually those very ones that have left this signature of themselves within us.
Very different ways for journeying will be introduced since the goal of this workshop is to discover the Beings Within rather than journeying to go beyond the body of the self. These methods will assist us to go within and experience our bodies while journeying.
Participants can be expected to gain an expanded understanding of shamanism, an awareness of totemic beings with whom they have relationship; and alternative ways of connecting with Powers.

Costs of Workshop:

Costs: All costs include lodging (exept for commuters), tuition, and meals. The accommodations are quite comfortable and the Center has lovely grounds in which to wander and to do our work together.
**Partial scholarships are available for those needing financial assistance. Contact the Coordinator, Pirkko Miller both for more information and to register.

Fees: $415 (lodging, food, tution)
Fees for Commuters: $276 (tuition, dinners and lunch, day use fee)

Commuters are expected to participate in all sessions including lunch and dinner.
Arrival and Departure Times:
Arrive Friday Oct.24 2008 at 3.00pm
Depart Sunday Oct.26 2008 by 3.00pm

When registration and deposit are received, you will receive more information about the workshop including directions for getting there. The Center is located about 20 – 30 minutes from San Jose International airport and is midway between San Francisco and Santa Cruz, off Highway 17.

Cancellation: Cancellation must be received by 30 days before the workshop begins for a full refund (minus $50 administrative fee) and after that date, no refund is possible.

For more information, contact the Coordinator:
Pirkko Miller
Phone # is: (574) 834-3460

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