Shamanism and the Medicine of the NorthEastern Woodlands

with Carol Proudfoot-Edgar & Susan Gilliland

August 1 – 3

Philadelpha, PA

This area of North America gave rise to complex and rich spiritual practices that continue to influence shamanic practice today. Not only did shamanism here become incorporated in healing and ceremonial activities; in addition, the ways of living in community, and as Communal Beings, was profoundly influence by the peoples’ perception of their relationship with other creatures and dwellers of the woodlands. Hence names such as the Fox, Bear, Eagle and/or Buffalo Clan are connected with the Manitou and powers of these creatures.

This workshop will focus on the unique cosmology, healing ways, songs, and ceremonies of the NorthEastern Woodlands. We seek to broaden our shamanic knowledge by connecting with the Ancestors of Place; learning what the Land wishes to teach and to request of us. We will learn about the importance of Sacred Bundles; and create our own Sacred Bundles that we can use in our daily practice and in our service as shamanic practitioners.

After registrations are received, participants will receive a letter describing how to prepare and what to bring to this weekend so that we have maximum benefit from being in Circle. It is recommended, if possible, that participants use the lodging available at Pendle Hill.
This allow for an uninterrupted quality of time together.

Participants need to attend all sessions beginning at 7PM Fri to no later than 4PM Sun.
Early registration is advised since enrollment is limited.


1] TUITION [covers tuition, snacks, facility use] = $325
           deposit of $175 due before April 1, 2008
           remaining $150 due before July 1, 2008.
2] LODGING [includes Fri and Sat night and 2 breakfasts]
          Private room, $140
          Shared room, $100.
      We currently have lodging space for 18 people, with early registration more space may be available.
      Payment for lodging due by July 1, 2008.
3] MEALS: optional
     Optional meal costs are Saturday lunch $8, Saturday dinner $11, Sunday lunch $11.

Coordinator: Gail Walker
For additional information or to register please contact
Gail Walker at
and be sure to note August 1 Workshop, as the Subject in your email.