California Shamanism: Medicine of the Coastal Redwood Mountains

with Carol Proudfoot-Edgar & Susan Gilliland

May 2 – 4

Earth Retreat Center, Ben Lomond (Santa Cruz County) CA.

The varied landscapes of Calilfornia gave rise to incredibly rich traditions in Earth medicines and ceremonies. Although some continuity exists in practices among various groups, other medicine ways rose out of the specific features of the landscapes: ocean, waterfalls, mountains, Redwood and Oak forests, plants indigenous to the region. Other Beings sharing these landscapes with the humans also dictated what type of shamanic practices evolved. What among these endures today? What did the Ancestors of Place leave for us and what might they communicate to us if we dwell and explore with them in Circle?

The medicine ways are many: Word Doctoring, healing with Plants and Stones (esp. crystals), shapeshifting, weather-making, psychomping, and curative touching. And then there was the medicine from the Animals: especially Bear, Snake, Deer, Eagle, and Wolf. In many of these areas, Ancestors left messages in stone – believing they thus could communicate through many generations.

This weekend we will be meeting in the Santa Cruz Mountains: still home to Lion, Bear, Deer, Elk, Hawks and Eagles along with many other creatures. We may not see them in their previous plenty but they are here and their presence felt. We gather in the midst of a Redwood and Oak forest which, at one point, has a view to the distant mountains. There are places of Shadow and others of Sun.

The retreat center has a large Medicine Wheel, a Maize, water collecting ponds, and trails for wandering---discovering and being discovered by Beings of Place.

We will learn a broad overview of the Shamans’ Ways in these mountains and also focus on a a few specific medicine practices and ceremonies. Thus our focus is both broad and singularly grounded.

In the history of shamanism, there is a tradition in which the shaman travels to other places, spends time engaging with the Powers therein, and returns home with more Sources upon which to draw and a broader understanding of Earth’s Mysteries. Such understanding becomes the bedrock of Earth wisdom used in his or her healing and ceremonial practices.

This is the first in a series of weekends that will focus on California shamanism. Participants will learn how to take the methods we use to source in other Places and Landscapes and thus build bridges of relationship across the spiritual leylines of this EarthHome.


Early registration is advised as this workshop is limited in number.If you wish to register, contact the Coordinator:
Pirkko Miller, Email:

Early registration is advised as this workshop is limited in number.
Arrive Friday May 2 at 5 pm
Depart Sunday May 4 at 3 pm

Costs of the Retreat

Cost is based on choice of lodging and includes tuition & meals.
1)Private Rooms (if available) = $420
2)Dorm Lodging and meals = $370
3) Camp sites = $325

All the lodging is quite comfortable and the camping sites are flattened and prepared for tenting.
Individuals commuting will be required to pay $274 plus a day use fee. 

To register, send either the full amount or a nonrefundable deposit of $130, to Pirkko.
Make the check payable to Shamanic Visions and mail to:
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Complete payment is due by April 1, 2008.
Scholarships: through the generosity of others, partial scholarships are available. You can apply for a scholarship by contacting Pirkko for an application.
If you are someone who can assist others, consider a tax-deductible donation made to Shamanic Circles. You can send this donation to Pirkko who will then forward it to the Treasurer for Shamanic Circles (
It is through this cycle of giving and receiving that we thrive as a community.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call Pirkko.
Phone # : (574) 834-3460
A month before the workshop begins, a letter will be sent about how to prepare for and what to bring to the weekend. You can explore Carol's other teachings and writings by going to her website:

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