Information letter for the Eleventh Annual Women Healers Retreat from Pirkko Miller

Women Healers - Spring Retreat 2008

Dear Women Healers Circle,

This is a letter re: our annual 'Women Healers Retreat.' We will be gathering in a new place called The Earth Retreat Center. The center is situated in Ben Lomond (Santa Cruz County) on Love Creek Road.

Date of Retreat: Friday, April 25 - Sunday, April 27, 2008
Time: We arrive Friday at 5 pm and depart Sunday at 3 pm.

Carol, Susan Gilliland, and I went to visit this site to see if it was suitable for our purposes - both in terms of the place itself and the cost for using the center over a weekend. All three of us came away very enthusiastic about the possibilities of this place for our circle gathering. In addition, the Drum Circle of Bob, Carol, Susan, Cheryl and Carmen have met there once and found it full of possibility for nature-centered spiritual work or what we call 'shamanism.'

This is a new place for all of us and as the Coordinator of our retreat, I'd like to share some of my impressions and give each of us the necessary details for registering. I will send another letter in early February reminding us of what to bring and any other details we need to know.

As we drove along the quiet road leading to this marvelous Retreat center, I experienced myself leaving behind the business of every day life: the scents of earth, trees and flowers welcomed us.

On the retreat grounds, there were ponds and small waterfalls while chickens scurried across the road. We noticed that there were solar panels in their vegetable garden (a good sign).

Later we learned that the meals included eggs from their own hen house; veggies from their own garden; and the meals composed of organic and free-range meats as well as fresh fish. Their chef is European trained and very health conscious. One of their primary intentions is to facilitate a deeper appreciation of what Earth provides us and learning ways of tending Earth - hence, the name of the place: Earth Retreat Center. Originally they planned to call it: The Sacred Earth Retreat Center but apparently someone in Santa Cruz has already used that name and they wanted to avoid any confusion.

While walking the land, we noticed many meditation benches, decks off the sleeping facilities, and a large hot tub outdoors.

The quietude on that mountain top facility lends to Spirit work. The large 'Medicine Wheel Circle, the stone Maze (or labyrinth) and the buildings are in open, sunny clearings. The 3 private cabins are situated in the redwoods.

Jody and Noel are the stewards of this land. Noel is the above-mentioned chef. Jody is an artist and some of her sculptures are can be seen along the paths. She also has a large artist studio that groups can rent and use for crafting. We may not use it this year since Carol would like to focus on the 'Shamanís Body - the Totemic Self' and have our "crafting" be done with objects from the land and created while 'on' the land.

Accommodations: (All bed-linen and towels are provided). There is a Lodge or Guest House that can house 11 people. On the first level is a pleasant living room, a kitchen, and a large deck wraps around this area. We can eat inside of this lodge or take our meals out on the deck. The deck itself has both cooking and eating facilities.

Off the living room in the Guest House is a private bedroom and bath. Also off the living room is a large sleeping loft. On the lower level of the Guest House are dormitory-type accommodations, with 3 showers and 3 bathrooms. There are 9 beds. We do not plan to use the 'upper bunk' of these beds and they are actually removable so we essentially have 9 sleeping together in a comfortable space with plenty of bathroom facilities.

There are three (3) private cabins with 2 of them also having sleeping loft space (with full futons). All the cabins have attached decks and one of them, the Artist's cabin, has a quite large deck that we may use for meeting and dancing.

So, as you can see, there are various ways we may space ourselves out as we choose our accommodations. And since they have extra beds/mattresses, we can even create different sleeping places should we desire. They are quite open to us creating and using the spaces in an way that facilitates our work together.

Our response to these accommodations was that they are cozy, the mattresses are comfortable, and it is actually 'interesting' lodging - such as, the overall design made for intriguing 'perches' for bedding or lodging in the Redwoods.

We estimate there will be 10 to 12 of us in Circle and this makes for comfortable lodging. In addition, they have camping/tent sites and places for tipis. Our hunch was that we would all prefer to use their 'housing' but if you want to use a tent, let me know.

Costs of the Retreat
Cost is based on choice of lodging and includes the meals.

1) Private cabins and the two private spaces in the Guest House: $235
2) Dormitory Lodging: $205

3) Camp sites: $155

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or call me.
My Ph # is: (574) 834-3460

Checks can be made payable to Shamanic Visions
Please mail to:
Pirkko Miller
P.O. Box 193
North Webster, Indiana 46555

Please indicate your preference when registering. I already know that there are five of us choosing to use the downstairs, dormitory-type accommodations.

Since Carol has already made a sizeable deposit for us, please send your registration as soon as possible.

Please fill out the registration form below, print it, and send along with your payment.
Love and blessings,


Registration Form for Women Healers Retreat

April 25 to April 27, 2008



City______________________________________________ State ________________


Phone Number: _________________________________

Lodging Preference:
Private ($ 235) _____

Dormitory Style ($205) _______________

Camping ($155) ___________________