Medicine Wheel Teachings

A Weekend Workshop

With Carol Proudfoot and Susan Gilliland*

 How is the nature of reality understood from a shamanic perspective? Shamanic cultures around the world have developed cosmologies or maps of the universe to help us understand both visible and invisible realities as aspects of a Unified Whole. Such cosmologies include descriptions and methods for returning to center when one is disoriented or indicate where one might find guides when lost on the road.  The Plains Indian Medicine Wheel is such a map, which can be used as a springboard for understanding one's own growth and development in relationship to the grand web of Nature.

More specifically, cultures have attempted to understand the powers that seem to reside within or to be borne on the winds from the four cardinal directions: East (Spring), South (Summer), West (Autumn), and North (Winter).  The Medicine Wheel Way helps us understand the nature of these powers including the particular animals, elements, totems, gifts and challenges that embody each direction. If we learn from these powers then we will know how to live in beauty, strength and harmony with all beings and with Mother Earth.

A medicine wheel is often thought of as a two-dimensional stone circle, but that is only one simple physical manifestation of its power.  In this workshop we will draw on Medicine Wheel teachings and ceremonies to answer
many kinds of questions. How does the soul find its way or know its nature? When lost or confused or stuck, how does a person find his or her way home?  Where can one look for help? Who can one turn to for support?

This workshop draws on the Medicine Wheel map, teachings, and ceremonies to answer these questions and help us deepen our resources for personal and communal growth.

 Viable Medicine Wheels reflect the land and place wherein one lives.  We will be calling on the Arizona desert and the waters of Aravaipa Creek to empower our teaching and learning during our retreat time together. We will
use shamanic methods for deepening our understanding of the wheel and for Gathering the Medicine offered by this special landscape.

This workshop is for women. Individuals should know how to do the shamanic journey. Other than that, the only requirements are an open mind and a receptive heart to these teachings our Ancestors have developed over thousands of years. Our task is to understand them; build upon them; and share their wisdom.... both for future generations and ourselves.

 *To know more about the work of Carol Proudfoot check Carol’s website at

When:    February 29 through March 2.  Check in will be between 3pm and 5pm on Friday. Please plan to arrive by 5pm.  We will end by 3 pm on Sunday.

 Where:   Aravaipa Canyon Ranch in Aravaipa Canyon, north and east of Tucson, outside of Mammoth, AZ.  We will           inhabit a large ranch house offering full facilities for workshops, retreats and getaways.

 Cost:     $300 includes tuition, shared room and nutritious meals from Friday evening through Sunday lunch.

 The Tucson Bear Medicine Circle is cosponsoring this workshop. For more information and registration instructions please contact Marigold Love at 520-762-9858 or email her at