Walking in Both Worlds

The Art of Teaching Shamanism

At Holy Spirit Retreat Center, Los Angeles Area, CA
Led by Carol Proudfoot-Edgar
Dec. 7–8, 2002 Sat
9am–10pm; Sun 9am–3pm

The purpose of this experiential workshop is to focus on the Art of Teaching Shamanism and is intended for those who are teaching shamanic courses, leading Circles, and those interested in learning more about how to teach shamanism. This is the first in a series of workshops focused solely on teaching shamanism.

Teaching shamanism requires some skills unique to the subject matter- such skills are not addressed in courses on methods and techniques. For example, the practice of shamanism requires one to stayed attuned to events affecting the community (however defined) for the shaman is concerned with the psychic health and vitality of the community.
Teaching shamanism requires this same attention to the group dynamics within a workshop or Circle. It involves assisting workshop Circles coming-into-being for the Circle is the primary container in which knowledge is received and from which it flows outward to the larger community.

I would like to see more and more of us in the shamanic community teaching and sharing with others seeking to learn. There are many of us with lots of shamanic training and experience, yet some of us do not know what to do with what we have learned or how to share this with others who have not been introduced to shamanism. Part of being stuck at this stage, in our evolution as a shamanic community, is the next step that is missing in our training: namely, how to teach. We may know how to practice or do healing yet not know how to teach basic shamanism. We have role models for teaching but that is different from discovering and developing one’s own teaching abilities and finding one’s own “voice” and expressiveness.

I consider teaching to be an art form–a good teacher is similar to a fine artist. The focus is how to be the Teacher as Artist—just as there is the Bard, the Kokopelli, the Singer of Sagas…so too is there the Teacher the Artist.
For both teacher and artist, there is a creative meeting of knowledge/technique and inspiration. When that “creative meeting” occurs, both students and subject matter prosper in the world.

Walking in Both Worlds–When teaching, one keeps a foot in both worlds:

  • —the realm of journeying and ecstatic states of being where everything is possible…
  • —the ordinary realm where time, place, and people influence behaviors and possibilities are limited in terms of actions taken in the physical world.

Here, awareness becomes the key and the doorway to teaching within a group. It requires an awareness of what is happening in the Circle and how one is experiencing the process unfolding within one’s own being. It is especially important in teaching shamanism to be centered in both worlds. Such centeredness helps to prevent one from being seduced into the undesired dramas that sometimes can happen when participants enter and experience unusual states of altered consciousness. An entire group can be swept up into the drama. If the teacher is planted with feet in both worlds, then a measure of calm and intention will be held and the group will find its own way back to the creative, yet grounded, engagement and work with the Spirits.

Keeping this footing requires a delicate balance and sensitivity—-usually acquired by understanding the relational boundaries between these realms; through lots of experience in learning this Walk; and by holding intention as the platform for both what is taught and how it is taught.

Enrollment Prerequisites: This workshop is limited in number. Participants need to have a background in shamanism appropriate to the purpose of this course. Before registering and making any payments, please contact the coordinator, Dan Jordinelli who has a few 'screening' questions we are asking of every person who wishes to participate. Please do not make any payments until Dan assures you that you have the necessary shamanic background for taking this workshop.

Thank you, Carol.

Lodging: People may commute or choose to lodge at the retreat center for an extra $35 per night. We encourage participants to lodge overnight on Saturday because this contributes to forming a powerful Circle and conversations between sessions can be a strong source of learning together.

Costs: (updated) Registration for this workshop is $240. You can pay by check or credit card. Credit card payment can be made only through our website.
To register by mail: fill in registration form and send with a deposit of $75, (check made payable to Dan Jordinelli)
to: Dan Jordinelli, 6048 Hayes Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90042
Balance of registration fee is due by November 8, 2002.

To register by mail: fill in registration form and send with a deposit of $75, (check made payable to Dan Jordinelli)
to: Dan Jordinelli, 6048 Hayes Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90042

To register by credit card online: click here

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